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Square Grid Display Mockup

A simple and functional absolutely free layout created specifically for designers who want to create a presentation of their templates for social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

This layout is very versatile, it can be used to present designs for mobile phones or large screen interfaces, inside the “MODUUP” folder, you can find canvas, and there you can disable or enable those you need to present your design if you change The size of the intelligent object inside is adaptable to a new size, which allows you to display any type of interfaces.

Editing simple and can be done in two ways using a traditional way to place design one by one inside the corresponding smart object or using the BluePrint & Play technique, which consists of placing the design inside the blue layers, and then the performance of Photoshop is designed for this layout. It has a resolution of 5K in pixels, which allows you to create SNEK Poys.